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If you’re in need of fine design and illustration that’s delightfully different, you’re in the right place! To work with me, send an e-mail to To learn more and to see my work, scroll down.

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Hello! If you’ve made it to this section, you probably love food, you clearly have good taste, your sense of humor is mildly bonkers, and you are in need of some help with your design, illustration and/or brand strategy.

Rest assured, aside from bowling you over with dad-like jokes, I can help. I am an experienced design professional with a BFA in Communications Design: Illustration from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. In the 12+ years that I’ve freelanced, I’ve worked on a broad spectrum of projects with companies both small and large, near and far, cool and... well... nevermind. I’ve co-written a cookbook about ice pops, traveled to all 50 states with my wonderful husband Patrick, became an extra on an Emmy-nominated live-stream workout program, and watched a lot of bad romantic comedies.

I am most interested in working with humans who want to do good for the world, companies that want to promote health and well-being, and those with sustainable and environment-friendly practices. I want to put good, meaningful, weird, fun work into the world because what is the point in anything else?

Contact me about your project and I'll design you somethin' sweet!

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